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                  Peaceful Retreat- Located in central Eswatini,  Dombeya Game Reserve  is a beautiful  and peaceful retreat. With gentle rolling hills and Mliba Mountain in the distance, Dombeya is a gorgeous get-away, just 15 minutes from Manzini.                                                                     

     Ecology- We purchased Dombeya in 2014 and spent several years re-establishing its ecological integrity.  Prior to this, the land was used for non-intensive cattle grazing, and it was under significant threat from poaching and illegal tree felling,  We re-introduced many indigenous species of wildlife and launched an active alien and invasive plant control programme.   Dombeya is now in excellent ecological condition.  In 2018, 2021 and 2023,  we received generous grants from the UNDP to expand and support conservation.


Our Conservation Model- Dombeya uses a model that links carefully controlled, low-density, home-development with conservation.  There are a total of 18 title-deed home sites within the Reserve, and site owners can choose to build a home and live full-time in Dombeya.  Site owners pay monthly levies, which pay for the operational costs of the Game Reserve- this provides a sustainable income source for onging, quality conservation managament. 


Wildlife Estate- With diverse wildlife and ecology, Dombeya Game Reserve is a wonderful place to call home. 

Each site has a unique and beautiful view of the bushveld.  The sites are private, and homeowners enjoy living with nature all around.  Occasionally, a site becomes available for re-sale; please contact us for additional details.   

             Guest Lodges- We have 3 luxury guest lodges in the Reserve.  Each lodge is self-catering, with 2  or 4 bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms.  The Lodges are extremely comfortable, with large open floor plans and verandahs.  Each lodge has a private swimming pool and a lovely braai (bbq) area, and guests are welcome to explore the Reserve.  Feel free to take your own game drives or to explore our extensive network of walking and hiking trails. 

Wildlife- There is lots of wildlife in the Reserve- giraffe, kudu, nyala, waterbuck, zebra, impala, warthog, wildebeest, bushbuck, duiker, steenbok, caracal, jackal and lots more.  Without the Big 5, Dombeya is a gorgeous place to explore on your own (no guides needed or provided).  Our roads are all gravel and- while high clearance vehicles are helpful for spotting wildlife- they are not necessary.

Conservation Education- In 2023, we received our 3rd generous grant from UNDP (Small Grants Programme), through our collaborative non-profit sister entity: the Dombeya Conservation and Development Association. With these funds, we collaborated to develop conservation education lessons for 3 grades in Eswatini, all open-source and free for use.  See links, below: 

Overninght Stays Only- We regret that we don't have any day visitor facilities- apologies!

             Contact- To visit Dombeya Game Reserve, guests need to book an overnight stay at our Lodges- please enquire for more details:  Email:     Text/Cell: +268 7602 5277

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In 2018, biologists from the University of Eswatini conducted a survey in Dombeya and found a species of bat not previously recorded in the country.  Welwitsch's bat is a type of vesper bat with a diet of aerial insects.

Brown-veined white butterflies often migrate during summer, heading toward the Indian Ocean.  There are frequent, beautiful migrations through Dombeya.

Dombeya is working with the Universities of Cypress and Eswatini on a research project studying cross-breeding and geography of Red and Yellow fronted tinkerbirds.

In early 2020, researchers from the Zoological Museum of Copenhagen, Denmark conducted a study on moth diversity- they identified several new species of moth not yet known to science!  They expect to publish research articles on their findings in the coming years.


1 grey waxbill a.JPG

A Grey Waxbill (Estrilda perreini) along the River Trail in Dombeya Game Reserve.  These monogamous birds live on edges of forests and thickets, often in riverine areas, and-historically- their distribution did not include Eswatini, though they are quite common now. 


We have frequent sightings in Dombeya, and many believe their distribution is growing as they follow the regional expansion of alien and invasive plants. The waxbills are lovely to watch and have a high-pitched “psee-psee” call.

Dombeya is also a wonderful place to find Pink-thoated twinspots, below, which have an extemely limited range (Eswatini, a small piece of South Africa and southern Mozambique).

pink throat twinspot.jpg



Artifacts can be found all over Eswatini, and we have found many in Dombeya.  We have found dozens of deep, grinding bowls and stones, which are estimated  to be a maximum of 300-400 years old (maize was introduced in South Africa in the 1600s).

We have also found many stone tools and scrapers from the Middle Stone Ages, as above.  Archaelogists estimate these to be 40- 70,000 years old, based on their size and technology.  A stone smoking bowl was also found in Dombeya.  When used, it was attached to a horn, as shown in the picture, below (photo courtesy of Bob Forrester).


Please- enjoy these artifacts if you see them- and please leave them in the bush!

lsmokingparty from Bob Forester 1800s Sw


1 release pic night 1.JPG
1 genet night 2.JPG

Dombeya is home to a wide variety of wildlife.  It is common to hear the call of jackal at night.


Above, caracal (l) and genet (r) are captured on a motion sensor camera in Dombeya. 


Below, a kudu bull and giraffe are released as part of Dombeya's wildlife re-introduction programme.

kudu bull 1.jpg
giraffe 1 leap.JPG

Growing Compassion for Nature

Thanks to a generous grant from the UNDP, the non-profit Dombeya Conservation and Development Association facilitated the development of free, open-source conservation lessons for children in Grades 0/1, Grades 4/5 and Grades 6/7.  We developed and piloted these lessons thanks to a beautiful collaboration with Lessons in Conservation (LiC), RES' Thembelisha Schools in the lowveld, The Dean, Faculty of Education, Nazarene University and many wonderful teachers here in Eswatini.  For more information, please contact us!


The above links include the teaching manuals and presentations for each set of lessons; please contact us if you'd like the additional supporting materials. We'd be grateful if you would please let us know if you use these:  Thank you!

Christel Alex Giraffe at Cottage 2019 cr
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We have 3 beautiful guest lodges available for overnight stays: Mkhiweni, Shonalanga & Enkonjaneni Lodges.

The lodges are self-catering, with well-equipped kitchens and big outdoor braai (bbq) areas, stacked with firewood.

Two of our lodges are 2 bedroom/2 bathroom (en-suite), and one lodge is 4 bedroom/4 bathroom (en-suite). 

Each lodge has a lovely private swimming pool and big, wrap-around verandah, with wildlife all around.

Contact us to enquire about dates!   E:


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Self Game Drives


If you are a homeowner, or visiting one of the Lodges, you are welcome to explore the Reserve on our network of gravel game drive roads.   It is an wonderful experience to set your own pace, stop and have a picnic, or watch a herd of animals up close...enjoy!  


Dombeya has recorded 233 species of birds, and we are constantly expanding our bird list.  Please ask if you'd like us to send you a current list.

Keep you eyes opened for Pink-thoated twinspots, Grey waxbills and several species of migratory Cuckoos.  Birdwatching is best at dawn and dusk.

Hiking and Walking Trails


We have about 10 kms of trails in the Reserve, which are lovely for walking.  The trails weave in and out of the road network, so you can easily hop on and off.  We recommend spraying with peaceful sleep and ask you to stay on the trails- thank you.

Take Only Photos


Please do not remove anything from the Reserve.  If you see something wonderful, please take a photo and share it with us, and leave the item for the next person to enjoy!

We have found many artifacts in the Reserve...stone tools, grinding bowls, and smoking pipes....please tell us about your find, and please leave it exactly where you found it-  thank you for protecting our shared heritage.



Each guest lodge has a private swimming pool.  Please note that there are no pool covers, fences or lifeguards, and children must be under adult supervision at all times.

Notes on Health & Logistics


Dombeya uses a 100% self-check-in policy, with no face-to-face arrival procedure.  We adhere to international, best practices on hygiene and safety and look forward to your visit!

We're about 20 minutes from 

shops and restaurants, so please

bring all your groceries 

and supplies with you, or

stop in nearby Manzini to stock-up!


In the Region 

40 minutes from Dombeya, guests can enjoy lovely crafts shops, cafes and restaurants in Malkerns and Ezulwini.  Visit House on Fire- Eswatini's eclectic venue for the annual Bushfire Music Festival, have a delicious meal at Malendela's Farm Pub or Sambani Restaurant, and enjoy crafts shopping at the Gone Rural complex, Swazi Candles' Hub or at the many roadside markets (photograph: beautiful hand-crafted bags from Khokho in Malendela's Crafts Shops).  Mbabane is home to the delicious Sugar Snap Cafe and many other shops and attractions. Manzini, our closest town, is only 20 minutes away, and here you can re-stock on groceries or explore local markets. 

khokho bag.jpg

Other Natural Areas

Eswatini has many beautiful places to visit- for all fitness and adrenaline levels.  Try hiking with Vaya Trails, or book a canopy tour in Malalotja... visit one of the country's stunning rivers or caves, or try "slackpacking" trails in the lowveld with All Out Africa.  There is wonderful whitewater rafting on the Great Usutu River and outstanding hiking at Eswatini's famous Sibebe Mountain, an enormous, vertical sheet of granite (with some gentle, alternative trails; photograph: view of Malalotja National Park)



Nkwali Construction: Pride in Quality

Nkwali Construction is based at Dombeya Game Reserve.  We specialise in ecologically-sensitive custom builds and are experienced with turn-key developments.  We can help you plan and build your home- or weekend lodge- from start to finish. We have built all 11 homes and lodges in Dombeya Game Reserve, as well as several at Mbuluzi Game Reserve.  For more information, please email:






"This place is magical!! We started the braai/fireplace and enjoyed the pool until sunset!! During nightfall it was very peaceful with all the animal noises in the background. Like everyone else, we should have stayed longer!"

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